Poetry: Day 31

Do you listen for you
In every word
Of mine
Like I listen for me
In every word
You say
Do you look for signs of you
In my eyes
Do you listen for the sound of you
Buried deep in my voice
When you touch my hand
Do you feel it stretching, yearning
For your touch
Or do you just feel
A hand
Just hear
a voice
Just see
Do these poems just sound like

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Poetry: Day Thirty

The mizzen mast
The yardarms
The crows are nesting
The bosun
Hand me that map again
I think
We know which way the wind blows
Cast off
Your vote
Counts in the long run

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Poetry: Day 29

After the rain stops
The cows raise their heads
The grass is damp
Drops of water dot the barbed wire fence
I walk across the paddock
And breathe in
The smell of rain flows deep into my nostrils, into my lungs
I hang on tight to the sights, to the smell, to the feeling
For a moment, no more
I forget you

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Poetry: Day 28

Rain forms a pattern on the windows
Outside, I step slowly across puddles
In my pocket
The note you left behind
The downpour makes a noise like static

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Poetry: Day 27

When I am walking around
I have to look at
All the people
Who aren’t you
But every time I blink
You are there
Just behind my eyelid
Always running through my mind

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Poetry: Day 26

We should be humble, not proud
To be Australian

How different would this country be
If we valued humility
Instead of pride?

To acknowledge our luck
And to acknowledge that
It’s none of our doing

We just turned up here
Born into it
Victims of circumstance

So easily we could have been
Helpless babies
Born in war-torn lands

Do we really dare take credit for who we are?
Lucky, random accidents

Chaos threw us here onto this dirt

Lucky atoms
Lucky electrons
Our stories
Of who we think we are

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Poetry: Day 25

We say goodbye
Above us
The moon smiles
I can’t tell
What it is thinking
With that smile

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