Top Songs – 2010

Here are my favourite songs of 2010.
To preface: these are the songs I enjoyed most/listened to most during the year 2010.  Because it often takes me a while to get into a song, a lot of these are songs from 2009. So it’s songs of my 2010, as opposed to songs released during 2010.



1. I Won’t Stand in Your Way… Eddie Reader

2. Little Person… Jon Brion & Deanna Storey

3. In the Sun… She & Him

4. Ridin’ in My Car… She & Him

5. Selfish Guns… The Wheat Pool

6. What You Are… Jewel

7. Dying in Africa… Sally Shapiro

8. Everything I Own… Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs

9. Song of Remembering… The Rentals

10. I Thought I Saw Your Face Today… She & Him

11. Can’t Get Used to Losing You Red Red Wine… Barb Jungr

12. Beware of Darkness… Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs

13. Genesis 3:23… The Mountain Goats

14. Gentle Hours… Yo La Tengo

15. Laura… Mates of State

16. This Is It… The Wheat Pool

17. Overtime… Lucinda Williams

18. Power of Your Heart… Peter Gabriel

19. Sorrow… Allison Moorer

20. Fading… Jewel

21. Silent Bells… Eddie Reader

22. Crystals… Thrushes

23. Love Has Left the Room… A Camp

24. Stronger Than Jesus… A Camp

25. The Broken Girl… Allison Moorer


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