Introducing Paisley Stitchington’s Speculative Buggle

So after some thought I have decided to unleash a new project on the public eye.


You can find it here.


This is a project I’ve been mulling over for some time. I first started mulling it over a couple of years ago (though it has changed substantially in concept since then). I put it off for a while because I was sure somebody else would do something similar. But nobody has, so eventually I figure maybe there is a place for a project like this after all…


It’s also kind of exciting to “return” to an Australian-centric mag.


Around 2007-2008 I felt I’d spent a lot of time looking inward at the local scene, and I needed to expand my horizon of focus. That resulted in projects such as the Last Short Story project (with Alisa, Tansy, Alex, Jonathan, Sarah, Tehani, Jason, and Rachel), and publishing projects of increasingly international focus (such as Dog Versus Sandwich and Moonlight Tuber).


I think that was a necessary step for me, and a very useful one in terms of context. However, for a little while now, I’ve been getting the desire to do something focussed on local publishing again. Perhaps I’ve had enough time away from it to appreciate the good aspects of what you might call narrow focus projects, aimed at a particular market and set of authors. Of course, DvS and MT are focussed too, in a different way. (and MT will be continuing, btw, this doesn’t change its schedule at all).


Engaging with a local context doesn’t have to mean insularity, or lack of broader context. It’s perfectly possible to engage with the world without losing your place in it, the context from which you have come.


It’s possible to look outward and be inspired toward bigger and better things, while also looking inward, trying to understand the place where you live, and supporting and growing strong writing at a micro-level.


This year will mark a decade of publishing, in one form or another, for me. Potato Monkey #1 launched in 2001. Maybe I’ll take a bit of a look back, in future posts, at that time. It’s been a weird, weird ride. Nothing has gone as predicted. I probably haven’t achieved a lot of the things I wanted to achieve back then. But I’m happy about that. Because my goals have changed as I’ve grown as a human being.


Anyway, we’ll see where this new project takes us.

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