Positivity Please Won’t You Breathe On Me

Jen has challenged me to try to come up with five positive things about my day, as she does on her blog, in order to counteract the negatives in life.


I’m not sure if I’ll blog them every day or not but here are some for today:


  • Dinner last night with a friend we’ve been close to for ten years – proving it *can* happen!
  • Dinner tonight with family who we love and who love us. We are both very lucky to come from kind, happy families.
  • It’s raining outside 🙂
  • I have kept to my aim of meditating every morning this week.
  • Woke up next to the most beautiful wife in Christendom 🙂


Inspired by minimalist blog zen habits I have been trying to downscale my lists of goals to those which are most important to me. Having a huge list of goals to check off every week is just another form of mental clutter.


I made a list of those things which are most important to me, at the moment. They were all fairly predictable I guess but when I forced myself to think through what order I would like to put them all in, it wasn’t always the order I would have thought. I know! Who knows their own mind?


Here are the things that I listed as priorities, to focus on:


  1. Meditating regularly (preferably every morning)
  2. Eating healthily and well.
  3. Spending time with the people I love.
  4. Writing
  5. Regular exercise
  6. Keeping a clean and aesthetically pleasing house
  7. Publishing


I am kind of working on one per week with the aim of adding slowly and keeping focussed on the highest priorities first. Of course it goes without saying that any strict hierarchy is misleading; different things are priorities in different ways. But it’s a working list.


The idea is I guess to look at all areas in my life in light of that list and to downscale those things which don’t contribute to the things that are priorities to me, and to spend more time on those that are.


We’ll see how it goes I guess.


This week I will be concentrating on learning ways to eat well, to put good things in to my body. Good luck, self!


It is a cliche but tomorrow is always the start of a new life.



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One Response to Positivity Please Won’t You Breathe On Me

  1. Mr Vampire says:

    The best way to start healthy eating habits is not actually by eating but by drinking. Drink more water, the easiest way is to have a glass first ting in the morning. Also try taking a sports bottle of water to work and sit it on your desk, you’d be surprised how often you take a sip.

    In winter I use to drink hot water in the office to warm up. I’d deliberately select a cracked cup so I could amuse myself telling people I was drinking tea without milk or sugar, or tea in a cracked cup and all.

    Another good piece of advice for putting healthy things into you body is: Don’t Google vegetable insertion. Just trust me on this one.

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