Some positive things for this weekend:


  • Got to see a friend of ours launch a book, and listen to other writers say interesting things. What more inspiration do I need to get writing?!
  • Yesterday was beautiful weather and we had a lovely afternoon walking around the city. It was lovely to spend some time with my wonderful wife.
  • Bought some more motivational books about how to be happy and how to deal with people who you conflict with. It is interesting reading and hopefully will help me in working on the stress I have with other people.
  • Spent today at Supernova, for the first time. Got to see lots of colourful costumes, meet one of the Doctors, and just generally relax with nice people.
  • A quiet evening reading and playing Final Fantasy, listening to some olde schoole Bryan Adams songs.


I hope you had a lovely weekend, too, blogosphere!

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