in which I excel

Today was spent at an Excel training course in the city. I wasn’t sure whether it would be too basic for my needs (Beginner course) but actually I learnt a lot. Turns out there is a simpler way to do almost everything I’ve ever done! How exciting.

I love learning new things!

In other news, I have now booked my hotel and paid my membership so it looks like I am committed to going to Swancon. My first con for about two and a half years, I think! What a long time it’s been….

I hope to see some of you there…

Some positive things for this week so far:

  • Work was hilarious yesterday. As much as I complain some days, I work with some of the funniest people!
  • Had a good night’s sleep and felt refreshed!
  • Today’s course was interesting and useful. It made me feel enthusiastic about work for the first time in ages (even though I hardly use Excel at work, but you know, enthusiasm is porous?)
  • We had lunch provided, and I had a pumpkin turkish bread that was soooooo delish!
  • It was nice to have a “work” day away from work, to have a mental break from that space and refresh.
  • Survivor on TV! Phillip is so funny!
  • Manic Street Preachers on the stereo, a good book.

Night night!

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One Response to in which I excel

  1. Rachel Holkner says:

    I am trying to express my excitement over your attendance at Swancon, but mere capitals and exclamation marks do not project sufficient hullabaloo.

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