DC New 52 week 2

Phew! Three weeks in and I’m starting to get DC-fatigue. Expect my slightly less generous assessments to reflect this!

Overall I’m enjoying the reboot. I would still rate the overall grade as above average. There have been a few great books, a lot of promising books, a few wait-and-see and only a couple of duds.


Check it out

Batwoman is probably my favourite comic of the relaunch so far. Nicely scripted, with characters who felt warm and human.  So far I have to say that the female-led Batbooks are slamming their male-led compatriots to the kerb.

Demon Knights is a comic you should check out if you’re a fantasy reader who’s always been unsure whether comics would appeal to you. After author Cornell’s lacklustre Stormwatch, I was really pleased to see him return to form here. This looks like it could be a really fun, really original book.


Good books

Batman and Robin – I enjoyed this a bit more than Tony Daniel’s book last week. This one has a bit more character stuff. Damian (Bruce’s son) could either be really annoying or really good as Robin. We’ll see!

Mister Terrific – I had absolutely zero expectations of this being a good book, I mean, “Mister Terrific”?? Seriously? Surprisingly, though, it’s a promising start. Some good character introduction, some nice moments. I’ll definitely buy Issue 2

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. – Not quite as great as Lemire’s Animal Man last week, this is still a fun comic, and there is some good setup for some interesting character stuff to happen. I’ll give it a few more issues at least.

Superboy – I know a lot of people were luke-warm on Superboy, but I thought it was an interesting book. Certainly it’s a lot more interesting than a lot of the previous Superboys I’ve seen which were just Superman-lite. This book gives him his own unique personality and situation – as a science experiment with uncertain results. I’m really interested to see where they take this one.


The Jury’s Out

Green Lantern – I thought this was a much better relaunch book than a lot of the other “big” titles. Unlike JLA, it doesn’t presume we know Hal’s character. There is a nice setup here for conflict. I just haven’t decided if I care about these lanterns yet.

Grifter – In reading so many titles it is inevitable that some I simply can’t remember. I *think* this one was a’ight. I don’t remember it much either way.

Suicide Squad – I didn’t have high expectations on this one, and it only just beat them. I thought there were some nice moments. I’m not convinced I will want to read about these characters for long, but I’ll give it another issue.



Deathstroke – Deathstroke seems like a bastard, and here he kills a bunch of other unlikeable people. I’m not really sure what the hook is? Should I give this another issue?

Red Lanterns – Okay, I don’t mind the odd anti-hero book. The whole villains trying to redeem themselves thing, okay I can run with that if it’s done well. It seems like DC have launched a *lot* of them this week though. Do I really want to read Suicide Squad *and* Deathstroke *and* Red Lanterns? Probably not. This was probably the most forgettable of the three, and the most seeped in backstory (reboot? what reboot?)

Legion Lost – Speaking of books which seem to have ignored the reboot, this would have to be perhaps the *worst* book I have ever read in terms of starting afresh. I don’t understand who any of these people are, or what they’re doing. I assume there is some backstory here. I might be more forgiving another time but in the middle of the relaunch and reading a gazillion books, I am grateful when one gives me an excuse to drop it. It’s an average book, but it’s a *bad* relaunch book.


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