We visited Supernova again last weekend. It’s a very different kind of scene to SF cons, in that there’s a bigger crowd and perhaps because of that, less of a communal feel. Or maybe I just don’t move in those kinda circles.

For that reason, I’d hate to see this kind of convention ever replace the more intimate, conversation-driven cons I’m familiar with. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. I found the novelty of being near celebrities soon wore off when faced with the thought of queueing for an hour and a half to get a two minute meeting with Christopher Lloyd or that girl who I don’t remember from Harry Potter (but who seemed nice).  So instead we spent the bulk of our time people watching, checking out the awesome costumes on display.

One of my favourite things is seeing weird congruities, like stormtroopers eating chips. Here is a photo of a couple of Doctors catching up in front of a snack van.

And here is a small child offering the Joker some pizza.

And okay, when I said we weren’t there for the celebrities I kinda lied. There were a *couple* of famous faces we couldn’t keep away from. Jen went for a jog with an old friend…

And then we took tea and cake with No-face, from Spirited Away.

It was a fun day out.

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