The Hunger Games

Okay society, I know you dig the Hunger Games movie. But it is my job to hate the things you love.

Well, I didn’t quite hate it, but I did have a few issues:

  • Why did the protagonist suddenly run to be with the other dude when she hadn’t been interested in him before and he had to all intents and purposes betrayed her? There seemed to be no motivation at all.
  • The main character’s issues are constantly solved by deus ex machine. This saved the protagonist having to get into morally grey areas. All the “nice” characters were killed off by third parties, meaning she only had to kill the “bad” characters. This get-out-of-jail free card undermined the moral dilemma.
  • Jumpy editing in fight scenes, you sucked in the Borne movies, you suck now.
  • Why come the main character had a hallucination which featured the TV presenter repeating the speech that he gave earlier which *she wasn’t present for*?? What did the bees make her psychic? Or was this just a lazy narrative device?
  • Why are we supposed to root for the main character? They pluck twenty innocent kids out of nowhere and make them fight one another… and the only real reason I can see that we are supposed to care that the main character wins is because she is the protagonist. I hate that kind of thing; non-protatonists are expendable non-people.
  • Why does everyone in the future look like Cat from Red Dwarf?

That said, it was a lot better than the twilight movies, so I give it 6/10.

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