Consumption Moratorium

The last few weeks have forced me to recognise some unpleasant truths about my current finances. Turns out it is not possible to both save and spend money at the same time. Who would have thought?!

I had a plan, but it turns out that the miscellaneous money that gets spent on general rubbish is significantly higher than I budgeted. Basically, I am not used to sticking to a budget any more.

So I have given myself a sharp talking to, because if I intend to both take an overseas holiday and do Natcon this year, I am going to have to cut back somewhere.

Partly this means less buying lunches and bits and pieces during the week. But also, it means cutting back on the money I spend on books, cds etc.

At first this was a depressing thought, but I am trying to look on it as a challenge: to see how I can cope with a more frugal, simple lifestyle, and to see if I really need to buy so many things or whether I can be just as happy without them.

So for the next six months I am initiating a book-buying ban. This shouldn’t really be a problem, as I have more than enough to read to carry me through until then. But still my consumer cravings are gritting their teeth at the thought…

Same goes for comics, which will be hard too, but the break will be a good chance to see which books I miss and which I can do without.

I also plan to buy fewer cds. Maybe one cd a week. To most of you that will seem like heaps but for a rabid music consumer like myself, that is scary!

Well, it all sounds very scary but I’ll see how I go! It will be an experiment in living a more minimalist life.


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