In search of some nice background music to relax to I recently bought two classical music cds, 100 Relaxing Classics, and 100 Piano Classics.

Some days I think life is just a long ironic journey in which you turn into the old person you always mocked.

Anyway, how about you, The World? Do you like classical music and if so, whom do you recommend?

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One Response to Classic

  1. I love classical music, just can’t name most of the ones I love…

    There’s all the usual stuff. Beethoven, Bach, Chopin. My favourite composer is probably Vivaldi.

    Nick Parnell is a great percussionist. Bach’s cello concertos (especially #1). I have a CD of Mozart’s string duos and trios which is great.

    I do love it when I move away from the few big names and find something different. (Most of my CD’s are packed away at the moment so I can’t be specific about composers. Sorry.

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