Eating Animals

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

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You pretty much know what you’re gonna get when you pick up a book called “Eating Animals”. And to a certain extent Eating Animals delivers just what I expected; we’re taken through the moral and logical arguments regarding eating animals, and we’re taken through the realities of factory farming in the US, how the animals are treated, and the alternatives.

I don’t know if there’s much in the factory segments that haven’t been covered elsewhere, but Foer writes really well and manages to evoke the plight of animals in all of its sickening detail. I found some of the segments really harrowing and I must admit the descriptions of chicken and pork farming, in particular, really put me off eating meat. It is just awful how terribly we treat these animals.

Foer doesn’t argue against eating meat, as such. But he does argue quite convincingly against the system by which our meat is currently produced. And unfortunately, there are few alternatives.

As harrowing as some of the factory farming sections of the book are, I think my favourite sections were the sections where Foer analyses the moral arguments and talks about his own personal feelings about eating meat. He does not come into the argument as one-sidedly as you might expect, and he is willing to look at differing sides of the argument, just as he is willing to give voice to the various voices from the industry who disagree with him. In that regard, while Eating Animals makes its point quite clearly, it comes across as quite an open-minded analysis of the subject.

Recommended for anybody interested in the subject.

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