Infatuation and desire are like the part of us that wants a Quarter Pounder from McDonalds, even though we know that when we eat it, it won’t taste good and our mouth will feel clammy and greasy, and we’ll be unsatisfied. But even though we remember this from last time and know it is true, our senses tell us that this time will be different. This burger is what you need, they say. This one will fulfil you.

And when it doesn’t satisfy us, we feel empty and cheated and angry at ourselves.

And when we look at other people we let ourselves be entangled by their beauty or their charm or the person we imagine them to be. Knowing that at some point all that will fall away and we will have to see them for who they really are. Knowing that the expectations that we bring to the relationship just mean we are setting ourselves up to be disappointed. When they don’t react the way we anticipate or hope, or when they do but they’re not what we dreamt. 

But just like quarter pounders, infatuation and passion have a way of creeping into our brain, and convincing us to ignore all that we know, and to just get in the car and go to McDonalds.

But just you try suggesting a salad.

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