Week of No Reading Readux (see what I did there?)

Well today marks the end of my Week of No Reading. Thank fuck for that!

Turns out I really miss reading! Who knew!

The week was a mixture of success and failure. On the one hand, it was good to have a bit more time to focus on creative pursuits rather than just consuming. I found that without other stuff to do my mind was more likely to think “oh we should do some writing!” or to play around on garageband or even blog. So that’s something I’ll try to take back to “normal” life.

On the flip side, it turns out that having more free time doesn’t *automatically* mean you’ll spend it doing productive things! Who knew! My visions of doing lots of cooking and cleaning and writing a thousand pages never really eventuated. It turns out that on nights when you’re tired after work, you still don’t feel like doing that stuff, even without books to distract you! So when I was super-tired I just found other stuff to do, like wasting time on Facebook or watching Netflix, instead. 

Also, I discovered that choosing a week when you’re already feeling a little emotionally fragile to decide to kick one of your crutches for a while isn’t necessarily the best thing for one’s sanity. I think not reading just gave me more time to ruminate on my thoughts and probably made me feel more depressed. And made me question all my creative endeavours and whether it’s all a waste of time.

So I guess I’m saying that it’s a mixed result. Which is to be expected, I guess. I’ll be reading again, as of today! I’ll be trying to bring a bit more balance to my life in terms of mixing consuming with creative endeavours. But I also appreciate books (and comics!) more for having a week without them.

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